My name is Ricardo Moreira and I am a web developer and entrepreneur. I was born in Portugal but I live in Finland with my wife and 2 daughters.

The best part of it, as a developer and a person that loves grow a business, is that allows me to create different products and ideas.

There for, I created GS Creations. A product that gives a full service for the real estate business.

One of my passions besides web development is food. It's where I have been working mostly all my life. So in my spare time, I am starting a digital theme food box, for food lovers. As testing, I am creating menus that use mostly produces by local producers in Finland.

Learning is growing. After hearing more and more about noCode platforms I decided to give it a go. With that I am creating templates, dashboards, e-books, and many.

This year I decided that web 3.0 and all this new worls is something that I want to learn and try. So wait for it too see what I will be building with that

Feel free to connect with me here or with the bluebird for any question that may arise you or just join me in this ride.