My name is Ricardo Moreira and I am a Web developer and entrepreneur. I was born in Portugal but I live in Finland with my wife and 2 daughters. As a web developer, I created Good Stuff Creations.

Good Stuff creations were made to combine my passion and work experience for food and coding. Website and SEO for local producers and small businesses.Your brand and business are an extension of yourself and It needs to be online. Let me help you achieve that.

But my creative side decided that I need to push forward. So from September 2021 forward I decided to create products in public. Share everything from the main idea from planning to execution. Share the fails and successes. These products can be small e-books, tutorials, info products, etc.

One of my passions besides web development is food. It's where I have been working mostly all my life. So in my spare time, I am starting a digital theme food box, for food lovers. As testing, I am creating menus that use mostly produces by local producers in Finland.

Feel free to connect with me here or with the bluebird for any question that may arise you or just join me in this ride.