Full Stack Learner (Part II)

Full Stack Learner (Part II)

This post is the second part of this one

3. Stick with it

I know you might have read this before and I will repeat, because it happened and still happens to me and I think it will in the future: It’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed with all the info that you have to know and all the languages. What if you choose the wrong language? Why when you think you know about a topic of some language, right after 3 or 4 topics show up that you never heard before. So yes, it is normal and it will happen to you but just stick with the plan.
Pick up a language that is the first thing. Learn it good. I read once that, we should learn a framework and not a language. I was for some time a supporter of that but not anymore.
I choose javascript but it’s was really daunting after a couple of tutorials and lessons. I was lost, so hearing “learn a framework, not a language” it was what my brain needed in the time. So I start with React and then move to Vue and yes it made sense in the beginning and I was seeing more practical examples of it but when I went deeper and start with methods and templates and binding I got even more lost than before.
So I went back to Vanilla Javascript from the beginning and after some repetition, things start to make sense. Then when I went back again to the framework after feeling more comfortable with Javascript, Vue seemed much more natural and maybe React will be if I go there.
Other thing related to the language, is stick with it. Did I mention that before? Well, it’s because it’s important.
You might think that I grab some lessons of Ruby, then jump to Javascript and then go to Python. It might work, but I would say the chances are not on your favor. If you stick with the language with time you will see the results.
So language + one framework and work work work.

4. Define a goal

This should be point n.1 but this was written with the flow and it’s not a step by step action but more a “this is what it’s working for me”.
So what is your goal? Get a new job? Change your career and start one in web development ? Going full mode freelance? Doing as a hobby?
And be more specific? Web development? In what area? Front-end, backend? Dev Ops? Developer in Javascript? Python?
The more specific you are, the better you choose your path. And don’t worry what is on the other side of the fence. After you start working you will have time to see other fences and make your garden prettier.
My goal is a job in Web Development in the front end area(to begin with); my chosen language is Javascript and framework Vue. Also, I have been working with backend with node and database with MongoDB to get a better vision of the full process.

So I know what I need to focus to get where I want. I want one day to learn Python, but I know if I go jump to it now I will lose the focus on Javascript and not get the full notion of Python and then my goal will never be reached


Practice makes perfect that’s what they say right?
My road to learning to code is still on the beginning and hopefully will never end but I am much better than what I was some weeks before. I am better that I was yesterday. Because I have been practicing day after day(or night after night is more correct). Sometimes the same examples, over and over. My brain just wants to try different things, but everything is so new sometimes that if you just go over it once you don’t get it or at least you don’t get all the info you should.
So do it again. See some tutorial. Do it once. Then do it again. Then refactor everything in a way that in the end, you can’t tell anymore that it comes from some tutorial or example.
Then “pass it to someone”: I have been created a guide in Github where I have been adding all info I think is relevant about any topic(functions, arrays, CSS, editors, backend, etc). I started not long time ago so there are many documents that I have to add from things I have been learning before, but it’s going to be a never-ending project because the knowledge never ends. I created because I would like that everybody that is learning how to code to add their share of info there. I am saying all this, because this process, of me writing the info, makes me really understand much more because by writing it, even that no one is reading it yet, I am passing it I am teaching it and it stays in the brain more easily.

6. I am not like you

Sorry for the plot twist but this is not a plan that you will follow and you will get a job or change your career or whatever is your plan. Like I mentioned I haven’t get the job so these words are just my words. They are a release of thoughts that help me and hopefully will help someone.
I am saying that because my process of learning is different than yours. Technical books don’t help me that much I have to say. But they might help you. I don't care about foo and bar, but you might. So see what works for you and do it. See what there is around and go to what makes you more happy and that you understand more. And if in the next day you are thrilled to do it again, it's working

7. No No No = Yes

I haven’t heard a yes, but I have heard No and No and more no. It’s easy to fell down or fell that you just want to give up. But don’t. You only need one YES. Continue your work, believe that what you are doing will lead somewhere good and keep working. And in the road, add small victories when you have them. My first interview was for a language that I have never worked with. But they ask me for the interview. It went bad but I feel good. That was a small victory.
I started this post ( the first part) saying about I have a problem with time but I also said that patience is what I need. So I know that focus and a set plan and strategy I will reach my goal. Only need time and continuous work.