Is it still hot cold emailing

Is it still hot cold emailing

Short answer: YES.

The problem is the bad rep that cold email got in the last few years, mostly because of the marketing and spam attached by it.

Before getting into it, what is a cold email?

A cold email put simply is the beginning of the conversation with some company, prospect, etc. Is the beginning of the relationship. The problem is only you ( the sender) knows about that

A not long time ago cold emails had a bad rep because well, they were spammy and not honest or genuine.

Cold email is not email marketing but a cold email can be to ask permission to send email marketing.

Why do you do cold email?

  • To build a relationship
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Presenting a product

So in other words you have to decide what is your goal. Decide what is the point of the cold email. With that you easily find…

What should include?

Subject Line

If this one is bad, the chances your email gets read are few. Personalize as much you can without sounding creepy the subject line and get a chance that your email is open.

Scarcity helps…sometimes

If you have an offer limited or something that attests to the fast response of your prospect is good to use but be honest and genuine.


Ok, they open the email, loved the subject line, and are now on the body of the email. What now?

In the first sentence, you have to get their attention. Be authentic, be you but show how your product is better and why they should want it.

Also, introduce yourself. Just enough to grab their attention and to want to know more


It has to have a CTA has is the goal of the email. Be direct on the CTA, in a way that the prospect understands what is required.

Follow up?

You shouldn’t right? Wrong.

It’s a cold email, the prospect is not expecting your email, nor even want it most of the time, so the chances that you get what you want on the first email are slim.

So yes you should follow up. Not next day, not maybe next week but do it a maximum of 6 times

Some notes

If it works for me, doesn't mean that it will work for you

Even the same type of template can work differently from business to business so please don’t copy and paste. Adjust it to your measures, see the results, iterate and continue like that till it works.


Do your research when sending a cold email about your prospect. You want that the prospect knows that you are not just another salesperson trying to push your product.

I’m not talking about Hey {{insert name}} but do some research and see what can you use to your advantage. Find out what is their pain point that you can use, and write that on the email.

This is the first part of a series of 3 of this month's topic. The next one is about the best methods to do cold email and for last the best tools.

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See you next time