It’s gonna get harder before it gets easier

It’s gonna get harder before it gets easier

Finally, the first issue is out of the BizBox newsletter.

Was supposed to be out last Monday, but took more time than normal for my account to be activated in Revue so only yesterday was ok to go.

So, In the beginning, I thought to wait for next Monday to launch it but I decided to put the first issue out already.

Next Monday I will talk more about the process of all the creation of the newsletter, programs, and tools used, etc. For now, I want to talk about it the why.

Newsletters always were a topic I wanted to go deeper into, so when I decided that the first product to launch be Bizbox I knew that I had to launch a newsletter. Because the point of the product is that help who wants to run a business or is running a business on its own and time is of the essence, therefore having a product where much of the info they need is only one place is a must, and having a newsletter with weekly updates is completely necessary

The first issue is here, still with many flaws and much to improve.

If I would be waiting for it to be perfect the way I wanted I would never release it so that is the main lesson here. One of the things I like in building in public is learning and reiterating while you keep launching and pushing.

Two big points that I want to improve on the newsletter is

  1. Better sources of info and more tailored for the audience ( solopreneurs, content creators, Shopify owners)
  2. Small interviews with someone from that audience explaining part of their process

The first point is in the works and will continue being forever; the second one I hope that in the next issue (25.10.2021) I have some interviews already to show.

Any questions, doubts, reviews, and comments are more than welcome.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

More about it next week