Landing Page - What is it, and do you need one?

Landing Page  - What is it,  and do you need one?

Landing pages are getting more popular nowadays, and if you're thinking if you should or do not need one, most probably you need but we go that in a second.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is your product/service destination page. Is the first page that your future or actual customers will see. So when a visitor ends in your landing page and sees your site, we need to be enlightened and engaged in less than 7 seconds. The visitor should know what is the product and what is your offer. No pressure here.

Why 7 seconds you ask?

Our span attention is between 6 to 8 seconds so let’s say on average you have 7 seconds to convince a new visitor before it spans outs.

I will talk more about how to get the most of the info on the landing page shortly but let’s keep now on defining a landing page. As you see a landing page is a website, so that means that your company website is a landing page or can be used as a landing page?

Not necessarily.

A landing page has one and one only goal, to get the visitor to take some action. It’s clean and concise and only has one goal and everything there has that in mind: the message, the images or videos, the colors, etc.

Website or Landing Page?

A webpage or website has more than one link and more than one page so it has more messages. Yes, you can say that the page where your customer land is a landing page, even that is a website but if you have a message to say, do a separate landing page.

The average landing page conversion rate is 9.7% and 10% is a benchmark for a good conversion rate.

First landing page

Second landing page

In the first case, you see a landing page, clear and only with one goal. Under it there is a great website but as you can see as more than one link and goal so no landing page.

Who needs a Landing Page?

There are two situations where you most likely need a landing page.

One is when you are launching your product or company for the first time. Before creating a website with all info, why not create a landing page that will focus on getting emails for your newsletter, or selling the product that you want to feature, etc

The other situation is you already have a company and website and a product. For example, you own a bakery or have a cleaning company.

If you were launching a new pastry or opening a bakery in a new place, creating a landing page with that specific purpose will be much more effective than just having that information in the middle of your website.

The same way for the cleaning company. Let’s say you have a new package for your customers that you want to push? Creating a landing page with a clear CTA and a clear message will make the trick.

What about Traffic?

So you have your landing page and how do people get there?

In Landing pages, advertised are much used, but not only.

The main sources of traffic are:

  • Advertises - In social media. Important that the message passes through that people when seeing the advertising want to click and go to your landing page
  • Email- Can be email marketing with that purpose or in your signature you can put the link for your landing page
  • Social Media- Share it, talk about it and write it. If you have followers, use that to your advantage and share your landing page there
  • Your website - Your landing page can have a link in the footer to your website ( more on than later), but your website ( if you have one) should have information about the new product.

Now that you know the what and the why in the next post I will talk about how to achieve the best landing page

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