Local Seo Tools

Local Seo Tools

When it comes to SEO, besides tools many companies help you with SEO and many apps online that do that.

With these tools, I wanted to focus on tools that you can use to help you know more about keywords and want you to know more about SEO.

Many of them if not free have a free version that you can use.

Hubspot – Website Grader

https://website.grader.com/ -

You can get a full report on your website and see what and how can you improve.

Screaming Frog


Analyze the SEO of your website. It can make a full crawl of 500 URLs for free. You can analyze data and see what is wrong and not with your Seo and then take the necessary actions.

Question Db


Search a topic and the website will give you relevant questions that you can use and help to find the correct keywords



On his website, Neil Patel lets you do 3 searches per day for free from a topic you want with full keyword research.

Answer the public


Write a topic or word, define the country and see what the world is asking and saying about it.

Google Trends


Search and discover new trends and what topics have more volume accordingly with your own search



The look of this website might not be the most modern but it’s useful. You write a search term or topic and it shows related search terms on more than one platform. Google, Youtube, and Amazon included among others

Keyword Tool


A free alternative to Google Keyword. Search the best keyword(long or short) for your business.

Hope you like it, feel free to connect if you have any other tools or thoughts about this topic