Newsletter is going to change

Newsletter is going to change

When I decided to launch this newsletter I wanted that it will focus on the subjects that BizBox will focus on all related to launching a product or company while working alone and/or bootstrapping.

After the release 7 issues, two challenges arise that led to change the newsletter:

  • The uniqueness of the service
  • Time management

The first 2 issues went ok. I also in the second issue decided to have small interviews with indie-hackers to share their stories and experiences. I felt that this was a win, as I loved the idea of the interview and thought would give some uniqueness to the newsletter.

As I am creating this project as a side, time is limited and the newsletter is part of the final product, not the product itself, therefore, I realize that preparing the newsletter was taking me too much more time than was supposed to do and I end up with less time to build my project.

Also because I was thinking that I was taking too much time to build the weekly newsletter I didn't or couldn't spend enough time to curate the news and great more unique articles and info

So besides the interview, I started feeling that the rest was not good enough.

Also even though the interview is small, it takes time to find the right persons, that they answer and that you could do all in time.

So the newsletter is going to change. What is going to change?

  • Frequency
  • Topics
  • Interviews ( maybe)


The first thing is the newsletter frequency. One week is too few times for me nowadays to make this newsletter happen.

So it will become a monthly newsletter. Every first Monday of the month. So the next issue will be on 3rd January of 2022.

In one month I have more time to create a better newsletter.


No matter if I changed it to monthly or annually, I knew that I had to change something with the info in the newsletter.

So starting the next issue, the newsletter will feature always 3 topics :

Monthly topic - changes every month. Can be all about landing pages, all about email marketing, Facebook ads, etc.

Web 3.0 - It's here and it's going to stay so we all need to be informed.

News around the web - Best curated news from last month from topics important for every solopreneur.


It will continue for sure. If I see I can make it I will change it to a podcast but I only can see after I see how it goes after I lunch 1 or 2 issues monthly

So like this, I will achieve a better newsletter, which will make me happier as I know that I am doing a better product for you.

And that is all for this year. Hope you have great last weeks of the year and see you on 3 January.

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