Pause and let's go

Pause and let's go

This week's posts are short as this week, bizbox was put on hold but it's going to be back again next week.

The reason was mostly I had to figure out how to work more productive while keeping doing what I have planned to do.

Having a 9-5 ( that in my case can be different hours every day), plus a company I just set for websites for local producers makes a challenge how to do what is set to do.

Normally I do week plans but I realize that they are too tight and I couldn't do everything that I wanted. I want to work every day in coding and building Bizbox. But then there is writing, preparing the newsletter and some social media, learning and fixing my websites for research purposes.

The solution?

Before doing the weekly plan, I do a monthly plan. And in a month I can have more time and don't need to squeeze in more hours. As for writing, social media, and fixing my website can be done only once a month for the full month so I only take one day for each and plan and that it. Then all the other days are for my constant development.

After the monthly planning then I can for the week ahead, just check the important notes and to-dos about it.

What does this mean? That tomorrow I'm back to building the dashboard and will work to have most of the templates ready.

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