Questionnaire is out

Questionnaire is out

I set one day per week to prepare for the newsletter. Of course that every day I have to do something about it like:

  • Do the interview
  • Check new possible people to interview
  • check new sources

But the assembling and preparing are done in one day. And during the week I always got some more ideas that I need to improve or want to implement.

One of them is the interviews. Even that I was happy of being creating them, the one with Xavi, I decided to create a template in Canva and although I liked it I thought that was a too big template for the newsletter and was not good for accessibility.

So in the week's interview with Alex, I wanted to make something new and different. Things I wanted to achieve

  • Fast solution
  • Everyone could access the interviews easily
  • Indexed searchable
  • Better for accessibility

After a lot of thought, AGAIN Notion came to the rescue. In less than 10 minutes I created this small template. Now all my interviews will look the same and look clean and good ( in my opinion at least)

This week was dedicated to creating a questionnaire for people that are building digital products.

For me to create a better product I need to know more about who is building products also.

Also, I believe that is a good instrument and data to know more about indie hackers. I decided not to reinvent the wheel here and went to Google form and create this form there.

Feel free to participate and share if you know anyone building any product or had built in the past.

This following week is all about templates. I am pretty sure I can't finish it only this week as I decided to make templates in Notion, but also some in Excel and Canva but more on that next week.

If you want to know more, follow me here where I post almost daily about how building in public, code, and business