Start a newsletter while no one is watching

Start a newsletter while no one is watching

When I decided to build Bizbox one of the first things on the to-do list was creating a newsletter. Not only it would help me to gather the information that I will use on BizBox, but also will create a small community and I will learn from the beginning the mistakes and what works and whatnot.

I wanted it to launch fast as I needed to go to the next topic of the to-do list but also because if I was trying to make it perfect before launching it, I will never be able to do it.

Some challenges arise:

  • Lack of time ( day job and GSCreations and family leave me not many hours to dedicate per day)
  • Lack of experience- Never really built a newsletter ( besides a paper version many years ago for a restaurant)
  • No money to spend - The idea will be that at least in the beginning till the newsletter have some serious subscribers can't have any expenses.

So with these challenges ahead, I dive in and start searching.

For the first challenge, time-wise, not much I could do just knowing that when I am creating a newsletter, I am creating a newsletter. So my focus would be that during the time that I could spend on these tasks without jeopardizing all the others ( being family the most important)

Lack of experience is still here and the more I learn about how to create a newsletter the more I need to know. After I launch Bizbox, the next product will be heavily based on a new newsletter focused on one theme. So I will dedicate much more time to it.

For there time, I try to get much info as fast as I could the resources I found ( The tweets and product of Janel were a great help.

The topics were decided as I wanted topics to help solopreneurs so I choose :

  • Wealth
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Tech
  • Social Media

These are the main ones, they also wanted to include the #buildinpublic topics and tweets because it's important and each person that is building their product has a lot to learn from it.

I am still far from happy about the topics and the sources used there, but that is the point because every week they will get better as I will improve BizBox ( hang on in there)

Even though a small big change was already done and starting from this year the newsletter will feature a newsletter with someone that is building or has built a digital product. This week the guest was Xavier Coiffard, to whom I appreciate the time and wise words. Thank you, Xavier

For the last challenge, the money issue... My first option to create the newsletter was Mailchimp as I used it before with a Shopify online store and was familiar with it, but during these days Revue launch the option to create a newsletter that you could embed in your Twitter profile. Completely free and has integrations with Mailchimp and many other tools.

Easy to create the template, then just used Zapier to automate the new subscribers that came from Mailchimp ( where I put my contact list when did the landing page) to Revue and it's launched.

And here it is. Took more time than was supposed, but I hope I can win time in other tasks and do ahead.

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