Starting over from the scratch

Starting over from the scratch

Some time has passed since I wrote here last time. Not much time has passed since I tried to write here.

The thing is that or I end up, justifying myself by saying that I didn't have time or I end up with so many topics that I want to write and I end up writing about none. Luckily I decide to give indie hackers a chance and build in Public and went for the win.

Let's go back, where was I before all that?

2019 and all seemed going in the right direction:

  • Just got married ;
  • Was learning more about web development
  • Got a nice job, not yer code related but that would allow me to control better my time and the time with my family
  • New daughter on the way

I was a man with a plan. Steady working hours I could dedicate to code in a more focused way. Tried the 4.30 waking up approach, start running and it was some of the best decisions I took especially when it comes to health and productivity

I wanted to find a job in coding, but that voice in your head ( you know the one that is almost always right?) was always pushing for me to start doing courses online or some website service or some entrepreneurial side gig that both the back of my brain and the rest know that I love.

I was a co-partner in 2 companies I found one company once, all in different countries, and all failed and succeed in some way, but I never professionally felt so alive and I learn a lot from my mistakes but also from my wins. Besides that, I was part of a start-up program and my educational background is also business so it was and it is something that passions me.

So the man with a plan had doubts, but I continued with a plan that was 2 actually.

Then corona hit and my life changed, even that I thought that would not. In fact, after I get laid off I thought "ok more time to learn code and find a job then", but my brain had other plans.

So yes I got laid off and end up in that situation for a year and one month basically.

In the beginning, I end up with not much time for coding anymore because I was home but so were my kids so still was coding in the early morning like before.

Time was passing and I was feeling that I was falling behind, not be able to code or focus on it as much as I could, called to work for a day or so with a day of notice, making me always near the phone waiting for the call. I start to feel more anxious and powerless.

During that time I end up taking a program to build a startup and I felt alive again. The ideas still didn't see the day of light( This one had some trials and will come out digitally but not for now) and probably they will see it in a different way that was presented in that program.

After that program the flame inside was again light up but not for long. The fact that I was laid-off and the money start to become short and never was in that position in my life before was starting to mess with my head.

I couldn't start a new company as I would lose all unemployment benefits and as much I like the Tony Robbins "burn the boat" approach, I am not alone on the Island and I didn't have any safety net. And my wife and daughters are always first.

I was called sometimes for my job but when it came to the second wave at beginning of this year, all went loose again.

In all these times I was continuing search for jobs, entry-level for coding, SEO, hospitality ( with corona right), business developer, but no luck.

After January, we knew that financially we could become tighter after July so I start seeing the opposite of the light at the end of the tunnel, I was seeing darkness all over.

In the meanwhile, my most clear and fast idea to have a company was Good Stuff Creations. I am doing it in a freelance mode as it was the only way to not lose the benefits as I was laid off. It will start as a company in late November this year.

Before I decided to any customer was a good customer ( no niche) so I was fishing with a hammer.

Only in the last months have I niched down and felt good about that decision. The thing was this was still not bringing money to the table and that was leaving me not happy.

So I decided to apply for more jobs, any job. Over my qualifications, under my qualifications, for the same qualifications. Any type you think I applied. I even end up to google maps search companies and did open applications. Nothing

I send over 300 open applications and job ads and nothing.

Finally, In May I decided to go back where I left in 2019. Not full time but it's something and more than anything I can focus on other things.

So I end up thinking about what I really want and love? What do I want to do when I grow up? I discover that most of all I don't want to depend on anyone anymore at the end of the month if I have money or not. And to do that I have to work hard and push and get better every day. Also important to do what makes me happy and in what I am good at turning ideas into reality, building new stuff all the time.

A great part of my working life has been in the hospitality and I loved it; when I rediscover coding I also loved it, but more than loved it I discover that constant learning is the solution and coding gave me that. Because I consider myself a creative person I have many ideas but always seemed weird to put them as a business because they were my ideas.

Indie hackers as being a place where I go a lot to read about growing a business, building in public has been also a hashtag that I've been following on Twitter.

After reading more about that, after have been more focused I decided that I will start building projects/products online and sell them.

Good Stuff Foods - I changed the idea to become a digital food product, but only can be done after I can work full time for myself, hence the stop for now.

Good Stuff Creations would focus on local producers that I respect and want to help to put their products out.

I also wanted something that challenged me every day, no more tutorials, no more keeping my ideas into a drawer. Then indie hackers and buildinpublic came back to me again. I start looking differently at all Twitter threads that teach and inspire me to create like this one, start hearing more seriously what Courtland Allen has to say in his podcast, and made a decision that I want and will, for now, one ship everything that I will build. For sale or give away, everything from now on will be to be out there.

I did a test first, did a small guide for variables in javascript. It was more to understand the process while my brain figured out what I want to build.

Then I went for it. I did a list of things I want and could build but the answer was there all along.

I always loved business and have been searching for the best tools, ideas, trends, templates about it. So that is what I want and I am building.

The name is Bizbox and will be a dashboard for solopreneurs and bootstrappers to use before and during their business ( I will post more about it soon and often)

This is post is getting confused and honestly is to exorcise my demons more than anything else, but the point is that after 10 years of moving to Finland I have to almost restart all again from where I was but for the first time I have a more clear vision of what I want and how to achieve it and there is only one way to go and it's forward.

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