The 7 best types of cold email

The 7 best types of cold email

Now that we know what a cold email is and why we should use it, the next step is to go through different types of cold emails


One of the most known ways to write a cold email is to use AIDA which stands for Attention - Interested - Desire - Action.

In the first paragraph, you grab their attention, then explain why your offer will interest your prospect. Say something that grabs their desire about your offer. And ask them to take action.

Here is an example from Ezanga:

Aida template

Sujan 3 sentence format

A simple but practical way. In 3 sentences( can be more the idea is to be short) give a short introduction, a description of what you are asking, and your ask.

Seems so simple that is difficult right? But practice makes perfect and the more you know your product, the better you can describe it in a way that a customer wants it.

An example you say? Mailshake has many here.

Sujan 3 sentence template


Before After Bridge. This is the typical method where you show what is the life of the customer before your solution and then what would be their life after using your solution. The bridge stands for how you take your future customer from point A to point B.

See this example here:

BAB template


Problem Agitate Solve. In this one, your main focus is the problem that your prospect is facing. Then you have to agitate that problem, emphasize it, show how big it is or it can become. Then solve it with your solution.

Salesblink create this template

PAS template


Praise Picture Push. This can be used after some research or you discover that your future customer or prospect, achieve something or reach some milestone. So you start by praising that. After you picture-perfect how your solution can push even forward that milestone. Finally, you push it to take action now.

Take this example as a guide:

PPP template

Competitor Product

If you know that your prospect uses a product that is your competitor, one idea is to send an email and mention that and ask how they are doing with it, if they are happy with it.

Then mention that you would love to join on a call to explain why your product is different ( for better).

Here is an example:

Competitor product template

Free Value

This one is great but for sure you don’t get the sale on the first email. This one is where you can start reaching out and creating a relationship with your prospect. How?

Sending them an email offering them some template you did or even an article that you found online that you thought would be interesting to them

Here is the template:

Freebie template

There are many others types and templates that you can use. Even if you go through these ones, be sure to adapt to your reality, to your product and service.

In the last post about cold email, I will share the best tools to start using.

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