Tools for your Landing Page

Tools for your Landing Page

When it comes to building a landing page there are many options available and there is more than just creating the page itself. For example colors, icons, analytics, etc.

Let's go one by one.

Creating a Landing page

To build the landing page there are many options. Besides the ones below I also need to include ( in case you know how to code) pure HTML + CSS and JS webpage. If you can build a page fast and know what you want I think it's a good solution. But if you don't know how to code or you are in a hurry, I think there are better solutions.

Other that I also need to include is Wordpress. In my opinion, it feels a bit like overkill and it might not be the best for the speed of the page, but again if you are good with Wordpress and like it, go for it.

Now here are the best tools for creating a landing page

Icons and Illustrations

Don't worry if you are not a designer or you don't want to use images but don't know what to put instead.

There are plenty of tools ( many free or freemium) that you can use.

Photo Editor Online


Illustrations and templates


If you are like me, you need some inspiration before creating a landing page. Here are some sites that are specialized in just that


Yes, Google Analytics is an option but if you want to go private-friendly and still know some info and stats about your webpage here are some solutions:


After you did the landing page it's worth a shot give it a roast. I mean let someone give it a look and see what is wrong with the landing page. There are services ( some quite expensive) that do that but here at least for the beginning I only go for one :

The short version is that Indie Worldwide is a slack channel but Indie Worldwide is much more than that. It's a full community of people like you that are creating or want to create something.

In that slack channel, there is a part where you can put the link to your landing page and wait for comments. The best part is that most of these comments are useful and will make you see your landing page with different eyes and you feel ready to make some changes.

This was my take about landing pages. First I talk about what is a landing page and why you need one, then I talk about what should be included in one and how. Finally, I talk about the main tools you can use. I hope you liked it. Follow me here and get updated every time I release new more posts or newsletters.

Next month the topic will be about marketing, more precisely about content creation- what is it, how to create content perfect for your business, and what tools can you use. I

If you have any ideas or questions, please get in touch