What is building in public

What is building in public

More and more persons are building in public and joining the indie hackers movement. I read and have been following it for some years now, Indie Hackers is one of my favorites websites to visit when comes to business and get inspired.

Been an indie hacker doesn't mean that you have to build in public and you also can be to some extent build in public without been an indie hacker. So what is this about?

Indie hackers for me the concept became the website and community in it. It's the place where independent entrepreneurs talk about their projects, their goals and failures, and much more. There you have interviews, new products that people are building, podcasts, and much more

The build-in public is when you create your product that you share all the processes alongside it: What are you building, how, what failed and what not.

There are great advantages of doing that:

  • Create a community by sharing your process and talk about your product
  • Validate your product/idea without spending money on ads
  • Have an audience ready to buy your product(or not) as soon as it's available

I don't see any big downside, because even if your product doesn't get any customers, community, or sales, you will find out most of the time before you launched it, and you will learn a lot in the process.

Only now I decided to go for real with build-in public and the main reason for that is that I always thought that this would be only for startups that have to be heavy on great technology or that will raise millions in investments in the future and my imposter syndrome didn't let me go forward.

Then I remember the book *Anything you want *by Derek Sivers and saw many examples of great build-in public projects that were created that are successful without being the next unicorn. That with the fact that I realized the best products I can create are the ones that scratch my itch my imposter syndrome disappear ( sometimes it still shows up) and start building

So the first product is ongoing, a bit behind the track but nothing to worry about. I will keep a weekly detailed resume of the project here and talk more about it and hopefully, your feedback help me to learn and grow more.

More ideas and thoughts about it here to follow