Where to build templates?

Where to build templates?

The idea was simple: BizBox should have templates for any user to use. They should be edited on the dashboard itself or if not possible, able to download into the pc and the user edit it and then save, print, etc.

I thought that maybe 5 templates will be enough:

  • Email templates
  • Sales Invoice
  • Some marketing-related
  • Calendar
  • And something related to social

The challenge started when I went deeper with that, ideas start flowing and more templates were added to the list, and more and more. Now I have around 20 templates to be created that go from sales, marketing, management, productivity, and social.

By adding that many I also realized that I couldn't do all of them in Notion. Why?

As much as I love Notion, some templates I will create are not made to be created in Notion for example templates that will be about social media, content, or graphic. So they will be created in Canva most likely.

Also invoice template. As much as you can do it in Notion, the formatting when exported is not the best and as an invoice, it should look good as you send it to a customer. In excel they will be made.

Therefore what ends up being a small task in the BizBox dashboard end up being a big part of the project that will require 3 different ( at least) programs.

Could I just keep it short and do what I could in Notion only? Yes but I will not be honest to myself and BizBoz wouldn´t be true to my vision. That doesn't mean that I only launch it when it is perfect but there are some things that I can't have when launching the first version.

Is that a good idea? Or would you just do some templates, and launch as soon as I can and update as I go with the product already live?.

Next week because we will reach the end of the month I will make detailed info about apps I used, investment, revenue, costs, etc.

See you next week