Your customer service is the best sales person you have

Your customer service is the best sales person you have

I applied for some jobs in customer service in the past. And every time I read the question " how many years you have of working in customer service" I always fell in doubt.

I did work in a customer service job many years ago, but it is not basically every job customer service?

No matter if your position is customer service, sales, marketing, IT, waiter, nurse, if at any point you do contact/talk with a customer you are doing customer service right? At least I want to think that. For me, customer service is a deal-breaker. Is what makes me buy or don't buy from a company or buy again at least.

You can have a great product, a great price, an amazing advertisement, or localization, if you have bad customer service you fail short, and eventually, your business will suffer from this. All this subject comes, because again I had a great experience of great customer service from the same company - Shopify and no this is not some affiliate marketing post ( but I am all hears Shopify)

Shopify has great features, a great product, and also a lot of competitors. Some years ago when I created my e-commerce, Shopify was an easy choice: easy to set up, great product, and what surprise me in the bots and automated messages times, a 24/7 customer service with real people. No matter what time it is in your country you can always talk with someone to help you from Shopify. Not only that you don't even need to be their customer to talk with them. I was sold when I discover that.

But that is not the best. For reasons not related to Shopify, I had to leave the platform. Some months after I was having some problems with the hostings and domains that were related to Shopify but not their fault. They help me, no questions asked, they help me. If I had any doubt that they would not know how to answer in the time, they will send thoroughly emails explaining all my doubts in the days after. Amazing.

Back to 2021. Last week I had some questions about Shopify services for a client of mine ( that doesn't have the business there). As we more and more are in the AI world I was afraid that something would change but no.

The same great service. They help me without pushing their product into my throat, in fact, they even say that what I wanted might be better in some other platform than Shopify.

They win me every time. Whenever I need to give my opinion about what e-commerce platform you should use, or in case I need one, the answer is so easy because I don't need to search for me, I am sold with their product because of their customer service.

I could give more examples of good or bad customer services but I prefer just to keep this one as I really believe that what makes you different in your business is your message and the way you see the customer. And by having amazing customer service you are one step ahead of much of your competition.

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