How did I get here?
My journey through time

I changed careers and countries but one thing hasn't change, my willing to learn and achieve more. Strap in.

March 2004
After enrolling in a Business and Administration Master's degree for 3 years I started working as a restaurant manager in a bistro in Evora, Portugal. In this position I took care of the front of the house, handle orders, oversaw the inventory and marketing. I loved work in the hospitality business.
At the same time I took a 4 months entrepreneurship bootcamp amd completed a Microsoft  Access database course
April 2006
After the bistro closed I joined Imperio Bonança in customer service. I thought I wouldn't enjoy it but end up be there for 4 years. Within 6 months I became team leader and I created a intranet for our department that was adopted by all customer service teams up to 300 people
June 2010
Decided to go on a adventure and moved to Maputo, Mozambique. I took the role of restaurant manager in a bakery/ bistro. I managed the orders ( also internacional), take care the front of thouse, handle payments and finance. During the same time I provided customer service training for a call center of a security company and planned their new call center
May 2012
From the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere, I moved to Finland After some initial struggles, I finaly found a position in the restaurant at Ikea Kuopio.

Although I also work in logistics at the same time that in the restaurant, unfortunately the hours were not enough so I moved to Helsinki to work at Ikea Vanta

March 2014
Hello Ikea Vantaa! In the kitchen, bistro and restaurant I worked in every department and in every position possible: cashline, food line, cook, you name it.
March 2015

I needed something more so I follow my heart. While working at Ikea, I opened my company specializing in Portuguese products in Finland - Good Stuff Foods. I launched an online store on Shopify and sell B2C and B2B. I used Mailchimp for email marketing, Zettle for payments and run campaigns on Instagram.
It last for 3 years and even that it didn't succeed as I was excepting I learn a lot and connect with great people. Great times!

December 2016
It started as a maternity leave substitution position but end up becaming shift leader for 3 years. First in the restaurant, then kitchen and restaurant andeventually exclusively in the kitchen. I manage all operations when had duty manager. Besides that had to train all co workers for the new cash system and manage the inventory in the kitchen
February 2018
Decided to make a career change and became learning to code during thequiet hours - after the kids went to sleep or before they woke up. From then till now I have been learning front end technologies such as javascript and nuxt, back-end with node.js, Wordpress, Webflow, Digital Marketing & SEO. Nowadays I am completing a Digital Tourism Business course and after I will jump into Cybersecurity
November 2019
With the opportunity to manage a new lunch restaurant, I didn't think twice. I was involved in every aspect of the process, from managing all operations, planning the shifts, assist in the front of the house and help planning the menu. I also created loyality programs. In a high competitive area we were able to become the number 1 in customers numbers within just 2 months.
March 2020
The success of the restaurant was almost too good to be true, but the pandemic did a reality check. The restaurant closed and I end up laid of. Even that I had occasionally shifts in another restaurant within the company, it wasn't enough. So it begin the struggle to find a job. In the meantime, I took a Entrepreneurship Program in Shortcut. From idea to pitch, we ran all process in how to open a start up
May 2021
I returned to Ikea, this time in the logistics department. Meanwhile, there was growing interest in my website services, leading to the creation of Good Stuff Creations
May 2022
Me and my family decided to move to Savonlinna. Despite the challenge of starting again from scratch we believed it was the right decision.
I began working in Konstniekka as a B2B sales representative, where I identify and book prospective clients across seven markets in Europe, utilizing three different languages. I also handle the newsletter of the company and  I am preparing the new website. Recently I started taken on Business Development Representative (BDR) functions.

At the same time, I have my solopreneur company on the side. I specialize in creating websites and landing pages for micro and small business and manage a newsletter focused on AI tools, tutorials and interviews for the same target market

You've heard my story, it's now time for you to make your move.

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